Hepburn and Sons LLC provides professional, cyber security consulting expertise that includes transformational, data-centric, encryption products. As part of this portfolio, the Security First Corp (SFC) Secure Parser Extended (SPx) SHARC™ Security Suite features software-defined, protection for data-at-rest, in-motion (transit/execution) and in the cloud. The SPx core technology provides all aspects of security, confidentiality (encryption), integrity (data tampering detection) and high availability (fault tolerance). SPx SHARC has multiple certifications to include NSA-NIAP and FIPS 140-2, levels 1 and 2. The product is EAL4+ compliant, uses AES-256 encryption for layered data protection and available as a high TRL for enterprise-class architectures.

The SPx technology provides integrated key management, geographically dispersed “bit-splitting”, disaster recovery, share authentication, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for big data analytics/cyber hunting technologies and cloud storage (SPx Gateway). The policy engine provides least privilege access controls, delineation of responsibilities and multi-factor authentication via an easy to use Graphical User Interface. The SPx technology provides a cyber security solution that mitigates insider/external threats, supply chain vulnerabilities and provides Identity and Access Management (IdAM) scalable to diverse enterprise IT architectures, commercial/private cloud, nuclear and Machinery Control/SCADA systems.

The following videos provide a basic introduction of the SPxSHARC capabilities:

(4 Minutes) Fox Business Opening Bell

(1 Minute) Cryptographic Splitting

(2 Minutes) SPxGateway Overview