This Veteran Owned Small-Business (VOSB) provides high quality engineering and technical support to enable effective systems engineering, testing, and training in an operational setting.

Our Expertise

  • Ship integration services
  • Systems engineering
  • Ship design
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
  • Electrical power
  • Acquisition processes
  • Programmatic, software, and cybersecurity requirements to ensure system transition
    1. Our Past Performances

      Our experts are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) at Aegis Ashore, the US Navy for Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) test, and operations support at Surface Combat System Center (SCSC) in Wallops Island, Virginia. We offer relevant experience in operations, maintenance, test, and evaluation. The team is currently managing system engineering task areas for Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) baselines by employing: direct operation, maintenance, test planning, test conduct and evaluation, data analysis and data reduction for Wallops Island.

      We have provided ship integration services into the system’s form/fit and defined the physical boundaries of the CIWS on CVN-68 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers and Aegis guided missile destroyers. Our team conducted requirements definition, design, development, test, product integration, and transition.

      Our engineers played a major role as systems integrator for candidate analysis for Solid State Laser (SSL) involving the Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) with test planning, analysis, ship integration and overall program coordination for the Office of Naval Research (ONR 35). They also served as leads for weapon systems range safety for the Marine Laser Weapons Demonstrator.

      Our team possesses naval engineering expertise for DDG 51 Flights I, IIA and III with rail gun, advanced gun projectile projects, and SSL for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), at NAVSEA in the Directed Energy Weapons Program Office (PMS 405) and the Electric Ships Office (PMS 320), and ONR 35. Our efforts include integration, design, and engineering analysis, including space, weight, power and cooling (SWaP-C) for technology transition involving the Close In Weapons System (CIWS) footprint.