Material Science

Shipbuilding Material Improvements

Laser Peening for Corrosion Fatigue Life

Laser Peen Forming Metal

Composite and Additive Manufacturing

Electrical Engineering

Energy Storage Solutions

Shipboard Medium Voltage DC

Electromagnetic Enviromental Effects

HEMP Facility Hardening

Strategic Analysis

Dry Docking

Ship Integration

Shipyard Quality Culture

Maritime Proposal Shaping

Maritime Expert Witness

Shipyard Operations

Naval Engineering

Maritime Safety


Engineering Support

Naval Engineering

Warfare Systems and Range Operations

Test and Evaluation

Nuclear Survivability and Threat Reduction

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Trusted Advisors to the American Maritime Industry

We specialize in providing maritime engineering consulting to the Department of Defense and Industry in technology transition initiatives and technical advisory services. With a focus on topics in electrical engineering, material science, cybersecurity, and Navy Fleet requirements, we are committed to provide our customers with technical competence and strong character with a proven track record.

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