CAPT Tim Crone, USN (Ret)

Director, Advisory Services

Strategic Analytic Partner

Trusted advisor and counselor to the government and the maritime industry, supporting each by identifying internal opportunities for growth and cross-connecting stakeholders to achieve integrated wins.  We help all parties realize their goals and vision by facilitating better internal and external communication while improving stakeholder coordination.


  • Identify opportunities in defense sector marketplace
  • Connect technology companies to government needs
  • Highlight opportunities, formulate marketing strategies, and develop plans of action
  • Guide clients through the complexities of doing business with the Department of Defense
  • Support government processes for requirements validation and budget development
  • Conduct organizational analysis and long-range planning on behalf of private sector and government clients
  • Provide senior-level counsel to decision makers and expert witness testimony on behalf of corporate clients

Our Expertise

  • Integration of naval processes, systems, and operations
  • Systems analysis and naval sustainment
  • Nuclear survivability and threat reduction
  • Shipyard operations and dry dock certification