Our Expertise

Hepburn and Sons LLC is in a unique position through our reputation for the leveraging of new and emerging technologies and practices with a high TRL level such as laser peening, scanning technologies, and metal treatment. Our experts in Material Science investigate these new technologies to verify the best for transition into the maritime shipbuilding industry and Navy Shipbuilding. This knowledge is used in each partnership with small and large businesses to mature these technologies for the maritime shipbuilding industry and Navy Shipbuilding .

Past Performance

Our company won the Research Announcement (RA 13-01), NSRP ASE Technology Investment Agreement (TIA) No. 2015-446, “Laser Peening of Ship Structures to Reduce Production Costs in April 2015.” The goal of this project is to transfer a cost-saving and quality-enhancing technology from the aerospace industry to the shipbuilding industry. The vision is to demonstrate the superiority of laser peening over select shipbuilding processes in specific applications.

Our team was also selected for a second NSRP project expanding upon the success of the first project. The new project was part of RA 14-01, NSRP ASE Technology Investment Agreement (TIA) No. 2016-434 “Mitigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking, Cavitation Erosion & Forming Complex Shapes Using Laser Peening.” As a result of the first project’s success and public awareness, Wartsila (waterjet vendor), Detyens (small Repair shipyard), NSWC Carderock, and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) each joined the Hepburn and Sons LLC-Austal USA team.