David Rice

Senior Manager, Material Science

Our Expertise

Hepburn and Sons LLC is in a unique position through our reputation for the leveraging of new and emerging technologies and practices with a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level such as laser peening, scanning technologies, and metal treatment. Our experts in Material Science investigate these new technologies to verify the best for transition into the maritime shipbuilding industry and Navy Shipbuilding. This knowledge is used in each partnership with small and large businesses to mature these technologies.

Our Technology Portfolio

Laser Shock Peening Technologies – Laser Shock Peening for Naval Applications

Laser Peening Fact Sheet

Laser shock peening counteracts metal fatigue to prevent corrosion and cracking of mission-critical parts Laser peening is proven to increase the lifespan of metal parts by five to 10 times the life of untreated parts – even components treated with shot peening, ultrasonic peening, and other conventional processes

Interphase Materials – Anti-Fouling & Increases Efficiency Nano-Coating

Interphase Fact Sheet

Innovative surface treatment technologies improve the efficiency of industrial cooling systems. Nano-scale coatings improve baseline heat transfer efficiency above current thresholds, while additionally protecting systems from both organic and inorganic fouling.

Fire Security – FS1 Shipboard Cable Fire Protection

Fire Security Fact Sheet

Enable fire protection of electrical cables with intumescent coating. FS1 expands during a fire, insulating and shielding the cable from fire damage.